Driving flavor . . .  furiously.

The Old Testament book of II Kings tells of many ancient Israelite kings. 
Chapter 9 of the book tells the story of JEHU.

When the prophet Elijah asked to be relieved of his ministry, God told him to anoint Jehu, son of Nimshi as king of Israel in order to take vengeance on the House of Ahab for their idolatry and criminality. Jehu was one of the leading military officers of Joram king of Israel, who had been campaigning against the enemy and who had gone to Jezre'el to recuperate from wounds he had sustained in the war.  Jehu and his fellow officers were still on the field when a prophet sent by Elisha arrived to carry out a highly dangerous and secret mission: to anoint and appoint Jehu and instigate a mutiny against the king. Taking Jehu into an inner chamber, this prophet delivered his prophecy, oiled his head, and booked. Jehu's companions, inquiring after the object of this mysterious visit, were told of Jehu’s anointing and they immediately and enthusiastically blew their trumpets and proclaimed him king.

When King Joram himself came out towards Jehu, They exchanged a few words.  Joram: bringing peace? Jehu: Your mothers a whore and a witch.
Joram turned and said to his brother in law: there is teachery O Ahazia as he realized Jehu’s is after his life, and he flees in his chariot.  Jehu then lets fly an arrow that struck Joram between the arms an through his heart.  Joram's body was thrown out from his chariot into the Jezre'el field that had been the ancestral portion of Naboth, whom Joram's father Ahab had had killed in order to seize his vineyard. After killing Joram, Jehu now went on to "cleanse" Israel of the iniquitous House of Ahab. First he killed Joram's brother-in-law and ally, Ahaziah king of Judah who had also followed in the path of Ahab. v. 22-28.


The driving is like the driving of Jehu...

Jehu was a man of great strength with his own brand of zeal for God.  With the new power that came from his anointment by the prophet, he soon won over his fellow officers and quickly master-minded a surprise assault on King Joram as he lay recuperating in Jezre'el. As Jehu rode with his band of men towards Jezre'el, the city watchman saw them in the distance. Before the watchman could identify them, the king sent out successive horsemen to find out who they were and what they wanted. But instead of coming back, they joined the advancing party. Reporting this, the watchman said, "...the driving is like the driving of Jehu son of Nimshi for he driveth furiously" v. 20.

Next Jehu turned his attention to the queen, Joram's mother and Ahab's widow, the accursed harlot Jezebel, who was in Jezre'el. When she heard that Jehu was on his way, she arrayed herself in make-up and beautiful clothing, did up her hair and called to him from her window, hoping to allure the man who had just killed her husband into her bed-chamber. This was was the undoing of Jezebel, for the furious Jehu maintained sufficient zeal and integrity not to succumb to her tasteless beckoning and enticements and in accordance with
Elijah's prophecy,
had her pushed out of the window and fed to the dogs.



We at Jehu Hot Sauce do not strongly advocate the feeding of harlots to dogs anymore or even pushing them out of windows, but we do support driving flavor... furiously, with sauces that bring excitement to your food. Also feed your spirit...go ahead, read your Bible. Its flavorful!  
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